El Nido – Coron Dive Seafari

El Nido – Coron Dive Seafari is our signature dive trip in El Nido Palawan. Diana in the Malayan Wreck, TubbatahaIt is the most exotic dive trip we have. Our  diver’s had a chance to escape away from the maddening crowd and visit different island’s and different unique dive site as we sail along the way to Calamianes/Coron island.

One of the most interesting of this trip is the combination of scuba diving and camping for 4 days/3 nights. We sleep in a different islands were our guest can have a chance to meet local people and make new friendships.Camping in the island with barbeque, bonfire, setting up the camping tents and chatting with fellow divers is one of the most fun parts of this trip while the guest are sharing their wonderful stories, knowing each other, talking about dives, their experience and more.

Night dive is definitely included in this trip. We typically do 2 night dive for first and second night but guest must be a PADI Advance Open Water Course. If they are PADI Open Water Diver, they can do the night dive adventure course on board or sign up for the PADI Advance Open Water Course.

tunnel-scuba-diving-el-nido-palawanThis trip offers 14 dives in total, it sounds a lot but it sound’s fun and exciting. For this 14 dives, our diver’s will have a chance to see different dive sites especially the wrecks in Coron from World War II and the Barracuda lake which gives our divers a different experience. If you get to know the WWII History of Coron, then you get curious about those wrecks. Diving in the wreck and having enough knowledge of the history in it is like exploring into their past history. But of course, we make sure that safety of our guest is our main priority.


El nido Palawan PhilippinesFor our second day and third day, we will be diving in the calamianes island and spend our second and third night out there. Wreck diving will be on the third day and fourth day. Lastly, we will be diving in Barracuda lake, one of a kind dive site we have in our itinerary. On the fourth day, we will start traveling to Coron Town as our last stop and we invite our guest for a group dinner.

Coron Dive Seafari

Deep Blue is the first Dive shop that offer and created the El Nido – Coron Dive Seafari. This is the only trip where you can have an experience that you will never forget. If you are interested to join, you may contact us through our website or send us an email at deepblueseafari@gmail.com.

For all our guest who dove with us, who join with us in this trip, who shared their stories and create friendship to everyone, thank you so much for diving with us!


Watch one of our EL Nido – Coron Dive Seafari “Day 1”