El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, a paradise located in Northern Palawan, with lots of beautiful islands and islets, white sand beaches and coral reefs. This place offers great dive sites for scuba diving, good for beginners and higher level.  El Nido is also great for underwater photoraphy/videography due to a great variety of macro species. For underwater photography courses, visit http://fisheyeunderwater.com/. The fascinating Lagoons, hidden beaches and the other landscapes of El Nido contribute to its true beauty. El Nido is a managed resource protected area, it gained worldwide attention due to its extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem. El Nido once again was ranked as the most Beautiful Beaches in the world in 2016 according to conde nast http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-02-24/top-10-most-beautiful-island-beaches-hawaii-australia/20

El Nido Diving in Deep Blue Dive Seafari

El Nido has 18 villages/sections, two of the busiest villages in El Nido are Buena Suerte and Masagana where Deep Blue Dive Seafari is located. The town itself is consisting of four villages (Buena Suerte, Masagana, Maligaya and Corong-Corong).  El Nido is quite a remote area, its beauty has been hidden for long time and it became a showcase of geological and biological diversity. Due to the importance of its unique ecosystem, the Philippine government made El Nido a turtle sanctuary, then later the whole of Bacuit Bay became a marine reserve park.

What is the Climate of El Nido?

El Nido has two seasons: Dry season starts from December to May  (Driest Month is April and May) and Wet season starts from June to November. (Heaviest rainfall occurs around August). The Northeast wind blows from December to March while the Southwest wind blows from June to October and the East wind starts from April to May.

Philippine Weather Forecast site: http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/

What is the sea condition of El Nido?

The sea currents in El Nido differ from very slight to moderate depending on tidal conditions. Divers and snorkelers can swim back to the boat without difficulty since currents are usually very manageable.The average water temperature ranges from 22 °C to 26 °C during the months of December to March and 29 °C to 30 °C during the months of April to November.

Water visibility ranges from 3 meters to 10 meters from December to February, 10 meters to 30 meters from March to May, and 10 meters to 15 meters from June to November. The best time for diving in El Nido is during the months of March to May, as surface conditions are good.

You may check sea condition of Palawan at www.windguru.com

El Nido Scuba Deep Blue Dive Seafari

What is the Language used in El Nido?

Local Language:                                                                                   International Language:

Cuyonin (Native language of Palawan)                                           English

Tagalog                                                                                                   French

Bisaya                                                                                                     Spanish

Ilongo                                                                                                     German

Ilocano                                                                                                  Japanese

People in El Nido are very proficient in English, Bisaya and Tagalog but also, a lot of different foreign nationalities live in El Nido and have their own businesses.

El Nido Scuba Diving Deep Blue Dive Seafari

Things to do in El Nido:

El Nido has a lot of activities to offer, mainly Scuba Diving and Island hopping.

The other activities you can do in El Nido are the following:

Motorbiking and visit Nacpan Beach or Las Cabanas

Kayaking and visit the closest island to El Nido called Cadlao Island





Kite surfing at San Fernando with Qi Palawan Resort: Check their services and rate at www.qipalawan.com

El Nido Scuba www.deepblueseafari.com

How to get to El Nido?

From Puerto Princesa City, Tourists can take a van or bus for a traveling time of 5-6 hours to get to El Nido. Fare fee starts from 500 – 950 per person.

Tourists can also have a direct flight from Manila to El Nido via Air Swift. To check their fare cost, click onthis link and it will bring you directly to their site: http://air-swift.com/

Upon Arriving in El nido, There are many tricycles in the Terminal area and you can ask any one of them to send you to your booking hotel. Normally they charge Php.50 for one way.


Other Things you need to know:

  • Every Tourist that visit El Nido are required to buy the El Nido Environmental Ticket of Php. 200 per person valid for 10 days. They need to present their ticket for every activity they do in El Nido. Tourist can go directly to the tourism office to purchase tickets of their own.
  • There is only one bank in El Nido called BPI Bank. Tourist can easily withdraw money if they need it.
  • There is only one Rural Health Center in El Nido.


For more information about El Nido, you may email us to deepblueseafari@gmail.com

El Nido – Coron Dive Seafari

El Nido – Coron Dive Seafari is our signature dive trip in El Nido Palawan. Diana in the Malayan Wreck, TubbatahaIt is the most exotic dive trip we have. Our  diver’s had a chance to escape away from the maddening crowd and visit different island’s and different unique dive site as we sail along the way to Calamianes/Coron island.

One of the most interesting of this trip is the combination of scuba diving and camping for 4 days/3 nights. We sleep in a different islands were our guest can have a chance to meet local people and make new friendships.Camping in the island with barbeque, bonfire, setting up the camping tents and chatting with fellow divers is one of the most fun parts of this trip while the guest are sharing their wonderful stories, knowing each other, talking about dives, their experience and more.

Night dive is definitely included in this trip. We typically do 2 night dive for first and second night but guest must be a PADI Advance Open Water Course. If they are PADI Open Water Diver, they can do the night dive adventure course on board or sign up for the PADI Advance Open Water Course.

tunnel-scuba-diving-el-nido-palawanThis trip offers 14 dives in total, it sounds a lot but it sound’s fun and exciting. For this 14 dives, our diver’s will have a chance to see different dive sites especially the wrecks in Coron from World War II and the Barracuda lake which gives our divers a different experience. If you get to know the WWII History of Coron, then you get curious about those wrecks. Diving in the wreck and having enough knowledge of the history in it is like exploring into their past history. But of course, we make sure that safety of our guest is our main priority.


El nido Palawan PhilippinesFor our second day and third day, we will be diving in the calamianes island and spend our second and third night out there. Wreck diving will be on the third day and fourth day. Lastly, we will be diving in Barracuda lake, one of a kind dive site we have in our itinerary. On the fourth day, we will start traveling to Coron Town as our last stop and we invite our guest for a group dinner.

Coron Dive Seafari

Deep Blue is the first Dive shop that offer and created the El Nido – Coron Dive Seafari. This is the only trip where you can have an experience that you will never forget. If you are interested to join, you may contact us through our website or send us an email at deepblueseafari@gmail.com.

For all our guest who dove with us, who join with us in this trip, who shared their stories and create friendship to everyone, thank you so much for diving with us!


Watch one of our EL Nido – Coron Dive Seafari “Day 1”




PADI IDC in El Nido, Palawan



Deep Blue Dive Seafari became a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort on February 12, 2015. Since then, we’ve got so excited to do our first PADI IDC in El Nido. We are proud to announce to all avid divers and individuals that Deep Blue Dive Seafari is the only dive shop that is now offering, PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) in the whole Palawan Region.

Deep Blue Dive Seafari of El Nido is located in the north side of Palawan. El Nido is a great location to do your PADI IDC. It has a beautiful place together with the limestone cliffs to its white sand beaches with crystal clear water. El Nido became a top destination for island hopping and scuba diving. Surprisingly, in this year of 2016, El Nido, Palawan remains under the radar as the number 1 most beautiful beaches in the world by conde nast traveller. It is a second time for El Nido to be a number 1 as the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Click link: http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-02-24/top-10-most-beautiful-island-beaches-hawaii-australia/20


Becoming a PADI 5 star Instructor Development Dive Resort (IDDR) has a great challenge and excitement for all the team of the upcoming event.  As a PADI 5 star IDDR, this means that we offer PADI Instructor – level training , PADI Instructor Development Course and continuing education opportunities to dive professionals teach by our PADI Platinum Course Director with a great experience for more than 18 years,. Deep Blue also caters all travelers who would like to sign up for PADI Courses and Dive experience with our experienced and knowledgeable PADI Dive instructor’s in Deep Blue.

PAD Instructor Development Course El Nido Palawan

Since we meet one of the highest ratings in PADI system, our markets boost up and we are getting more customers than before. Since before when Deep Blue opened 2012, we’ve got a lot of customers who wants to dive and do the course with us. Main reason why? Quality, services and standard of teaching. Deep Blue Dive Seafari always maintain the highest quality dive services which makes our customers happy and we follow all the PADI standard of training for our student. As we maintain this, we’ve become more known to other countries and individuals with a good reputation.

Now, Deep Blue has maintain a strong commitment to developing dive professionals by providing highest quality educational programs from entry level to becoming a dive professionals.

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